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Here are some ways to deal with a teen who talks back and shows disrespect.
How can parents keep kids from cheating in a society that seems to stress winning at any cost? Here's what parents can do.
Teens with credit cards are not exactly new, but the credit crisis is. Here are 7 tips for how parents can teach financial responsibility to their children.
It's important to talk to your teen about drinking. Here's some advice from the experts.
Here's what you need to know about dealing with dishonest in teens.
Teens and trouble: think they go together like bread and butter? Well, you may be wrong.  Parenting tips on setting limits for your teen.
If you suspect that your teen is stealing, it is important to figure out the underlying reasons. Here are some expert ideas for dealing with teens who steal.
Teens today are entrenched in the online world, but do they really know how to create, and control, their own virtual persona?
For hundreds of parents across the country, it's a huge problem to keep kids in class. Here's what you need to know about truancy.
Convincing a kid to get a part-time job is only half the battle. Find out how to help him actually land a gig!
Word to parents: your teens can't avoid peer pressure, but you can teach them decision-making skills to soften the damage.
Is your teen struggling with a learning disability, or is he troubled in other ways? Find out how to tell whether he's learning different or troubled.
How to communicate with your teen. Why communication with your high school aged child is important and parenting tips.
Are you having difficulty talking to your teenager?  Here's expert parenting advice to make it a little easier for both you and your child.
Resources and expert parenting advice for parents coping with the revelation that their child is gay.
Many teens experience depression, family conflicts, or feelings of isolation. Here's your guide to finding the right kind of help for your struggling teen.
Young love rarely lasts a semester, let alone a lifetime.  But experts warn that when teen hearts are broken, kids can carry the hurt well into adulthood.
Browse teen issues educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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