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  • Learning Resources

    • 30,000 printable and digital resources for use in your classroom including worksheets, games, activities, and exercises.
    • Searchable by type, grade, subject, Common Core node, and specific skill.
    • Many ways to use: download PDFs, save to Google Drive, create and share collections, and more!
  • Guided Lessons

    • Step-by-step digital lessons for preschool through 5th grade covering core math, reading, and writing skills.
    • Progress tracking and detailed reporting for your entire classroom.
    • Works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and chromebooks. Easy student logins with a simple Classroom Access Code.
  • Teaching Tools

    • Use our Worksheet Generator to create and personalize your own worksheets. Choose from dozens of templates including word search, crossword puzzle, spelling list, and math facts.
    • 1,000+ detailed classroom lesson plans for all grades and subjects. Each one comes bundled with attachments (PowerPoints, Word documents, etc.) and contains ideas for differentiated learning.
    • Coming Soon: Assessment tools to make sure every student is on track. Receive helpful recommendations for skills your students are struggling with and get supplemental materials to keep your advanced students engaged.
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Unlimited Access to Over 15,000 Worksheets

Get More Practice with Worksheets

Say goodbye to dry, colorless textbooks with worksheets that download and print in seconds. Used by millions of parents, teachers, and homeschoolers, our worksheets cover the big subjects — math, reading, and writing — as well as science, foreign languages, and more.

  • Resources for students in preschool through high school
  • Reinforce classroom learning or homeschool curriculum
  • Find worksheets by subject, grade, and topic simply with our easy-to-use navigation

Over 1000 Teacher-Created Lesson Plans

Get Inspired with Lesson Plans

Make preparing for class easy with lesson plans created by top teachers. Browse hundreds of lesson plans by grade, subject, or skill.

  • Each lesson plan contains everything you need - PDF attachments, PowerPoint slides, links to YouTube videos, and more
  • Get tips for differentiating a lesson for kids below or above grade level
  • Search by Common Core node to quickly find relevant lesson plans

Unlimited Workbook Downloads

Go In-Depth with Hundreds of Workbooks

Buckle down and drill the skills that matter most. Find a workbook tailor-made for the grade and subjects you teach.

  • Books for preschool through fifth grade that focus on math, reading, history, science, and more
  • Fun, vibrant themes keep kids engaged
  • Teacher-approved and recommended

Thousands of Activities and Science Projects

Encourage Hands-On Learning with Projects and More

Enjoy learning with crafts, activities, and experiments. Bring fun and active learning into math and reading review, or simply create a great art project with your students.

  • Thousands of educational activities for preschool through high school
  • Inspiring arts & crafts, including DIY decorations and gifts for various holidays

NEW Guided Lessons

Put your kid on the right path to learning

Make screen time matter for preschool through 5th grade students. Our learning program guides kids through math and reading lessons with educational games and exercises, fun songs, and beautifully illustrated stories.

  • 800+ educational games, exercises, read-along stories, and catchy songs
  • Track player progress through 100+ skill-based lessons
  • Works on almost any device: desktop computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Ad-free and kid-safe
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Worksheet Generator

Create Custom Worksheets

Our easy-to-use and powerful worksheet generator lets you create custom worksheets for your classroom. Choose from templates for spelling lists, crossword puzzles, and more.

  • Dozens of math and reading worksheet templates
  • Personalize worksheets with teacher and school name
  • Generate answer sheets for easy grading

Common Core-aligned Resources

Browse Content by Common Core Node

Easily find worksheets, workbooks, games, and lesson plans aligned to specific Common Core State Standards.

  • Explore CCSS-aligned resources with an easy-to-use navigation system by grade, subject, and standard
  • Find thousands of high-quality, relevant teaching materials that fit into a standards-focused curriculum

Classroom-friendly, Ad-free Experience

The Tools You Need to Succeed in the Classroom

Enjoy our entire library of games, worksheets, and educational resources without advertisements. Brainzy is free from external links and certified kid-safe.

  • Find learning resources faster with no ads site-wide
  • Be the first to get access to new classroom features
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Here's what our members say:

I like the variety, quality, and interactivity of your educational content. I've seen great progress in my son's math and reading skills.

- Education.com parent

I can go to one place to access everything I need at my fingertips. It's a huge time saver. I love it and have recommended it to all of my teacher friends.

- Education.com teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the digital games and exercises on any device?

Our games and exercises can be played on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smart boards. They work great on Chromebooks and iPads. For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome. We also offer an app for iPads and Android tablets.

Do your resources work for homeschoolers?

Yes! Our educational resources are used by tens of thousands of homeschoolers. Our worksheets, workbooks, and games can support your educational curriculum.

I live outside of the U.S. Can I still use a premium membership?

Yes! Our resources are popular in countries throughout the world.

I can't pay with a credit card. Are there any other options?

Yes, we also accept purchase orders. Please email support@education.com for more information.

How do I access my materials?

Once you become a subscriber, you can immediately start downloading worksheets and workbooks on Education.com. To access your guided lessons and progress dashboard, click on the "Learning Resources" tab and click on the "Progress Dashboard" link. Please ensure that you are logged into the site with your premium account to gain full access to materials and games.

Can I cancel my membership if I don't like it?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime from your account page. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 7 days to request a refund.

Why do I need to pay when I can get free worksheets and games elsewhere?

The resources on Education.com are created and reviewed by educational experts to ensure that every child gets what he or she needs for academic success. As an Education.com member, you will be able to access everything you need to create comprehensive educational experiences in one place. In addition to worksheets, premium members also gain access to our award-winning educational games and unlimited workbooks in all subjects. Over 10 million members come to Education.com to access the best educational materials available.

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