Online Learning for
Kids 3 to 8

Get access to the most engaging early learning program for math and reading. Scroll down to learn more.

  • 300 fun educational games
  • 50 catchy songs and videos
  • 50 read-along stories

Fun and Educational

Get kids excited to learn.

In this popular math game, kids count ingredients to make pizzas, practicing one-to-one correspondence and early addition. Silly toppings like princess tiaras and dirty socks will keep kids laughing as they learn.

Kid-Friendly on Multiple Devices

Brainzy supports any device running Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 10+

Brainzy is certified as COPPA compliant by the kidSAFE Seal Program, so you can feel confident about your child's privacy and safety while playing.

Sequential Learning

  • 65 math and reading lessons
  • Concepts that build on each other
  • Skill mastery assessment

Progress Dashboard

See at a glance how kids are progressing through Brainzy's skill-based lessons.

Add up to 3 children as a parent, or up to 35 students as a teacher.

Something for Everyone

Brainzy promotes learning for every kind of learner. Each skill is tackled using multiple strategies, so it works for kids who learn differently.

Get Started

We have a few online education programs, but Brainzy is the only one my son wants to do. We love Brainzy so much!

- Miwa M. (Parent)

I love watching my students light up while practicing their vowels and letter blends. I've never seen them so excited to learn to read!

- Jessica T. (Teacher)
Brainzy (child play area only) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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