In this lesson, kids are given different strategies for finding the sum of two numbers. Addition strategies such as these help third graders gain a deeper understanding of, and fluency with, this operation. The lesson features guided instruction and plenty of practice problems to apply what is being learned. For even more practice, try our third grade addition worksheets recommended to accompany this lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Addition Facts Within 20
Limit addition to within 20 for students new to two digit addition in this engaging exercise.
Two-Digit Addition and Regrouping
Give students an introduction to regrouping that is easy to understand with this two digit addition exercise.
Three-Digit Addition on a Number Line
Simplify the seemingly complex task of three digit addition with the following number line activity.
Three-Digit Addition and Regrouping Numbers
Three digit addition just got much simpler thanks to this exercise that illustrates how to regroup numbers.
Three-Digit Addition Word Problems
Teach students how to extract information from word problems and complete three digit addition to find the solution.
Addition and Missing Factors
Adding up missing factors will be a routine matter for students after they complete this exercise.
Three-Digit Addition and Two-Step Word Problems
Students learning how to perform three digit addition in two step word problems will appreciate the clear instructions in this exercise.

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