Learning to add single-digit numbers is a highlight of the kindergarten math curriculum. You can support addition fluency with this guided lesson that takes kindergarteners through an understanding of values. Kids will learn with focused instruction and practice that by putting numbers together, they get a new number. When the lesson is over, kids can continue practicing addition with our accompanying worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Ice Cream Addition Song Get your sugar fix with this sweet addition song! Kids join Roly and Floyd at the ice cream parlor to learn all about addition to five. As the ice cream scoops stack up on the cone, early learners watch as numbers are added together, with both images and numbers.
Ski Racer: Addition to 5 What do you get when you add 2 and 3? The number 5! In the math game Ski Racer: Addition to 5, students practice finding sums and performing addition to 5. This game includes eight addition problems with three answer choices each. Perfect for kindergarteners and other young math learners, this online activity can be played at school or at home.
Number Pair Staircase

Poor Roly! He seems to have gotten trapped in a retro video game. Have your kid help Roly return to the modern Knowhere by using his math fact knowledge to construct a staircase with number pairs that add up to ten. This game is perfect for helping your young learner master basic addition facts. Building Roly an escape path is also a great way to visually explain to your kid the process of decomposing numbers, an important part of addition and subtraction mastery.

Ski Racer: Addition to 10 Can you count and add to 10 before the other Brainzy characters? In Ski Racer: Addition to 10, students in kindergarten use addition within 10 to quickly calculate the correct answers. As they pick the correct sums, students move their character down the ski slope—and show off their math knowledge. The more they add, the faster they get to the finish line!
Adding Eggs with Birdee

Birdee is very caring and responsible so she thinks she can handle taking care of even more baby chicks than the ones she has already. It's your kid's job to listen to Birdee's requests and respond by adding more eggs to the nest. Great for practicing basic math facts, this cumulative addition game will hone your kid's listening skills and test her ability to represent addition facts with objects.

Addition Matching

Help kids hone addition skills with this mental math matching challenge! Early learners must match each addition equation to its sum. This mental math game is perfect to help kids memorize fact families and learn new strategies for tackling mental math problems.

Liza and the Sneaky Pie Follow along as Liza bakes a cake, practicing basic addition as she adds the ingredients.
Match: Addition Patterns of 1 More Young learners match addition patterns of one more in this online math activity. Ideal for kindergarteners or those in need of a quick addition review, this game challenges players to match addition facts within 10 to their correct answers. With three rounds of play, children will get plenty of practice recognizing the pattern that occurs when they add one to single-digit numbers.
Ski Racer: Addition Patterns of 1 More What is 4 + 1? What is 7 + 1? Dive into math patterns of 1 more in this snow-themed racing game! Kindergarteners will have to use their addition skills to match basic expressions to their corresponding sums. Ski Racer: Addition Patterns of 1 More is perfect for students who are learning to add within 10.
Match Addition Facts to 20 Let’s take a look at addition facts in Match: Addition Facts to 20. As your students practice addition within 20 in the classroom, they can reinforce their learning with this online activity. Second graders will match addition expressions with their matching sums to complete each addition fact. With several rounds to play through, this math game provides plenty of practice for young learners.
Guess Who Ice Cream 2 Students play detective in this deliciously silly sorting game that builds sorting skills used in math by identifying the owner of a lost ice cream cone. Young learners help Officer Ice Cream track down the owner of the missing cone by selecting ice cream scoops that match the descriptions given in each round of sorting.
Spot The Difference The object of this game is no fool’s gold: after playing a few rounds, your students will have the invaluable ability to sort items with ease. This addicting matching game allows students to rummage through a pirate’s treasure chest and pick two items, but they have to identify the two like objects before the timer runs out.

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