Learning how to represent numerical information is a key part of the third grade math curriculum. This lesson in data provides guided instruction designed by our team of curriculum experts and teachers to present this concept in an engaging way. Not only that, but helpful exercises help kids to see the practical applicaton of these skills in the real world.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Collecting and Organizing Data 1
Students will learn how to collect and organize data thanks to this interesting exercise from Education.com.
Probability and Statistics 1
This engaging exercise will introduce students to probability and statistics in a way that excites them to continue learning.
Scaled Picture Graphs
In this exercise, students will practice interpreting scaled picture graphs.
Scaled Bar Graphs
This exercise will clarify just how scaled bar graphs represent data found in math problems.
Measurement and Graphing 1
This exercise will introduce students to the concept of taking measurements and graphing the data.
Word Problems and Graphing
Students will be able to translate word problems into various types of graphs after completing this exercise.

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