Understanding data and graphs is a critical skill that we use on a regular basis to read news articles, reports and other media to interpret information. In this unit, students investigate data collection, data organization and visual representation in different kinds of graphics (i.e. line plots, pie charts). Learners also apply concepts of probability and statistics to analyze data.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Scaled Bar Graphs in Space Roly is expanding his space junk collection, and he needs help catching random objects in zero gravity. Kids use a baseball mitt to collect items that are floating through space. Once they've caught their haul, players must sort and graph their findings. This out-of-this-world game is perfect for helping kids master bar graphs and make sense of data.
Collecting and Organizing Data 3 By the time students complete this third exercise in the series, they will have become masters of collecting and organizing data.
Line Plots and Fractional Operations Understanding fractional operations will be much easier for students after they have learned how to use line plots to interpret data.
Probability and Statistics 3 After completing this third probability and statistics exercise, your students will seek out working on game theory on their own.

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