In this 5th grade division unit, students will take their understanding to the next level by applying division skills with multi-digit numbers. Students will also begin to explore division with decimals and practice using estimation to check the reasonableness of their answers. Last, students will use their knowledge of the base ten number system to divide decimals by base ten exponents (i.e. .4 ➗ 104).
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Division and Powers of Ten
Show students how to simplify division problems by drawing on a newfound understanding of the powers of ten.
Division with Two-Digit Divisors
When students begin to grow adept at division, expand their skillset by introducing them to two digit divisors.
Division with Multi-Digit Dividends
Expand students’ division skills with this exercise that teaches how to perform division problems with multi digit dividends.
Decimal Division with Estimation
When the answer doesn’t need to be precise, students can find the answer to a decimal division problem using estimation.
Multi-Digit Decimal Division
Once students have mastered decimal division to the tenths place, elevate their skills with this exercise on multi digit decimal division.
Decimal Division to the Tenths
Introduce students to decimal division with this exercise on dividing down to the tenths place.
Decimal Division to the Hundredths Place
In this exercise, students will learn how to execute division problems with decimals to the hundredths place.

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