Fourth graders will discover the building blocks of geometry in this unit: points, lines, line segments and rays. Students will explore the properties of different shapes, including symmetry, parallel and perpendicular lines, and 900 angles. Students will apply their understanding as they learn to sort shapes based on these properties.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Lines, Line Segments, and Rays
Students will love practicing their newfound skill in drawing line segments and rays after mastering this exercise.
Classifying Shapes
For students who learn by doing, this exercise will make learning different shapes’ classifications much easier.
Lines of Symmetry
There are various ways to determine whether or not an object is symmetrical, and this object points each one out.
Classifying Angles
Students will become experts at classifying angles after this exercise teaches them the various types.
Area of a Rectangle
This exercise will simplify the process by which students calculate the area of a rectangle.
Perimeter of a Rectangle
Students will get the bigger picture after they run through this exercise on calculating the perimeter of a rectangle.

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