Some words are easily pronounced, such as cat, while others do not follow common rules of pronouciation and are more difficult for early readers to decipher. These are called sight words. This guided lesson provides kids with lots of examples of sight words, plus opportunities to practice what they have learned. When the lesson is finished, check out our accompanying sight words worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Penelope Patrol This fast-paced little video shows Penelope the Pegacorn tracking down sight words through a nighttime landscape. She finds silent E words, among others, and even a sleeping Floyd the Dog. First graders will enjoy trying to keep up with Penelope as she flies through the night to find all of those sneaky sight words.
Sight Words Balloon Pop: Set 4 Listen to your first graders squeal with delight at every pop of a balloon in this sight words game. Floyd the Dog is waiting to take off in his hot air balloon, but needs a little help from your students. For every sight word they choose correctly, such as 'into,' 'when,' and 'these,' Floyd’s hot air balloon will gain a bit more altitude.
Sight Words Ice Cream Attack Officer Ice Cream is relying upon first grade students to choose the correct sight word and freeze it out fast, before it puts Officer Ice Cream in a sticky situation. This game not only teaches silent E words, but other sight words as well. There is only one danger - your kids will love fantasizing about an ice cream cone as they play.
Sight Words Cloud Catcher 4 Every teacher knows the magic of learning how to read and write comes from repetition. In this game, first grade students also get a taste of that learning magic. Tutu helps students stay focused on the goal by reinforcing every correct selection of a sight word with the wave of a wand that changes rain clouds into rainbows.
Which of These Story In this short story, get to know some sight words with long and short vowels and pick between beds, mugs, and pajamas.
Sight Words Sentence Match: Set 1 Readers on the ready! In this interactive reading game, kids must read each sentence and choose the one that matches the picture. Each sentence features a different sight word, so kids learn double the reading skills in with each round. Be sure early readers read carefully though; some of these silly sentences are very similar.

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