Typing Home Row 1

There's no place like the home row! In this lesson, students will learn how to type using the keys in the home row of a computer keyboard. Kids will exercise proper finger placement, accuracy, and fluency in this collection of teacher-approved typing games.
This lesson includes 2 printable learning activities
Soar to new heights with our flying hero as you master the F and J keys. Kids will improve their touch typing accuracy skills in this five-part Home Row Typing: Level One Series.
Go nuts! Our squirrel is hungry, and only you can help him. Students gain accuracy in the D and K keys in this lively game, part of our five-game Home Row Typing: Level One Series.
You've mastered the F and J keys and the D and K keys — and now it's time to practice them all together! Part of our five-game Home Row Typing: Level One Series.
Let your typing skills shine! Birdee is mining for gems, and needs your help. Students practice the S and L keys in this fun typing game, part of our five-game Home Row Typing: Level One Series.
Get ready to speed up those typing skills with this game titled Home Row Typing: F-J-D-K-S-L. This resource will get students comfortable with the home row keys. These are the keys that your fingers rest on when you are not typing. Kids will travel through a mine identifying home row letters to collect gems. Make sure your little typists have their finger placement correct. This game is helpful for first-fifth grade students working on their typing accuracy.

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