Letter Writing 3

In this unit, students are encouraged to write letters to family and friends about a book they are reading. In the letters the will apply the skills learned in this unit, including how to structure a letter, punctuating titles of books and short stories, using possessives (in reference to the characters or ideas in the book), contractions and addressing an envelope. Don’t forget to request a response - getting a personal letter in the mail in this electronic age can be a thrill!
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Written communication skills are essential for success in professional settings in today's world. Help your students get ahead with these exercises that challenge them to test their knowledge and provide them with helpful hints!
Prepare your Fifth Grader for middle school and beyond with this capitalization exercise that reinforces what they already know and teaches them new skills.
Teach your fifth grader how to punctuate titles of different written works in essays and reports with these exercises and hints.
It's space smash! Roly needs help navigating. Kids help this space crew get through the universe by adjusting asteroids. Kids will learn that proper nouns require capitalization, and they will identify which words are proper nouns. Individual people and places will get capitalized as they fly through space!
Teach your students everything they need to know about proper nouns to succeed in their future writing careers with this exercise that gives them additional practice while providing helpful hints!
Can you hear the ocean? Kids will practice putting apostrophes into irregular and commonly misspelled nouns in this sea-themed game! Adding in tricky words gives this game an extra challenge—help them master possessive nouns in the classroom by giving them this game to play.
Allow your students to practice individually with these exercises that test them on their knowledge of plural possessive nouns. Helpful hints encourage your students to think through problems in order to solidify the lesson.
The use of apostrophes in writing can be challenging for students to understand, but practice makes perfect with these exercises that allow them to learn individually.
Contractions are a staple in casual writing that are used to present a certain mood or tone in a variety of written forms. Give your students the opportunity to practice their skills with these exercises developed specifically for young learners.
Have your fifth graders master their written phrasing with these exercises that ask them to identify punctuation placement and closer phrases.
Include proper address form in your unit on letter writing to help your fifth graders learn how to be clear as they describe various locations for use personally and professionally.

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