Measurement and Data 4

Representing data on graphs makes math visual and involves some creativity and design. Plotting data using fractional units takes their learning one step further. Also in this unit, students learn to measure using both traditional units (like inches, feet and yards) and metric units, and how to convert measurements within each system. The concept of measurement gets two dimensional when students explore measuring and working with angles.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Your students will grow adept at collecting and organizing data around them with this engaging exercise.
Continue the probability and statistics fun with this involving exercise that shows students how to use data to make predictions.
Understanding unit fractions is a lot easier with this exercise that lays out all out on line plots.
Students will broaden their horizons with this exercise that teaches about different systems of measurement.
Fractions and Metric Units will help students practice this key fourth grade skill.
Show students how to measure and find the equivalent in another system with this exercise.
Teach students how to take measurements and plot them on graphs with this easy to use exercise.
Step right up to see the incredible flying clowns! Kids practice making angles to send clowns flying in this silly game. Practicing angles from 0 to 180 degrees, this geometry game helps kids make sense of both acute and obtuse angles by blasting clowns across the Big Top—something so funny that no kid can resist playing over and over again.
Teach students how to measure angles without the confusion of a protractor with this easy to use exercise.
Many students don’t realize they can use an angle measures as an additive until they have completed this exercise.

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