Multiplication 2

This guided lesson builds upon third graders' understanding of multiplication in order to further develop fluency with this operation. The lesson first reinforces the various strategies for doing multiplication (for example, repeated addition), then teaches kids to apply those strategies within practical exercises. Designed by our team of teachers and curriculum experts, the goal is to provide numerous ways to conceptualize multiplication problems.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
If students are missing one digit in a multiplication problem, this exercise will help them walk through any challenges.
If students are new to word problems, this exercise provides great one digit multiplication introductory tasks.
As students grow more comfortable with the order of operations, they’ll need this exercise to introduce them to working with one digit distributive properties.
Help your third grader master multiplication and the associative property with these exercises that walk through problems step by step.
Help your third grader apply their knowledge of math to real life situations with these exercises that include multi-step math problems.
Help students take their first steps into multiplication with this exercise on facts about multiplying 3s.
When students are ready to take on a new challenge, this exercise on facts regarding multiplying 4s will stretch their skills.
Students will love studying their times tables once they have learned these facts about multiplying 5s.
Multiplying 6s will be much easier after students have learned some basic rules through this exercise.
Luckily for your students, they have this easy to use Education.com exercise on multiplying 7s.
Multiplying 8s is no longer a mystery to students who learn the facts taught in this exercise.
You can teach your students the hand trick in conjunction with these facts about multiplying 9s.

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