Multiplication and Division

There are many strategies that can be employed to multiply and divide larger numbers. Students will deepen their conceptual knowledge of multiplication and division, starting with visual models like arrays and diagrams.Then students will then move to more abstract calculation methods like partial products, the distributive property and standard algorithms.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Multi-Digit Multiplication and Partial Products 1
Break down multi-digit multiplication with these exercises that lead students step-by-step through the partial product method.
Multi-Digit Multiplication and the Standard Algorithm 1
Introduce students to multi digit multiplication within standard algorithms using this helpful exercise from Education.com.
Distributive Property of Multiplication
Help fourth graders solidify their knowledge of multiplication by teaching them the distributive property and how it can aid them in solving problems.
Division without Remainders
Before students can move on to more complicated matters, first help them understand division without remainders.
Division with Remainders
When students are ready for a challenge, assign this exercise that introduces division with remainders.
Divisibility Rules
Teach students divisibility rules the easy way with this easily navigated interactive exercise from Education.com.

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