Understanding the function of nouns is a crucial part of reading and writing fluency. This guided lesson focuses on the types of nouns kids are most likely to come across in third grade texts. Designed by our curriculum experts, the lesson provides grammar instruction and examples to support learning. For more practice, see the nouns worksheets recommended to go along with this lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Plural Nouns Teach your third grader how to make nouns plural so they can fully utilize their writing potential with these multiple choice exercises.
Proper Nouns Capitalization of proper nouns is imperative for proper writing form. Help your third grader hone their skills with these exercises.
Abstract Nouns Teach students the importance of abstract nouns, or things you can't actually see or touch, and how to incorporate them into writing to demonstrate the correct tone.
Pronoun Order Using more than one pronoun in a sentence can get confusing, but by following some basic rules your third grader will be at the top of his class!
Pronouns to Clarify Meaning The use of pronouns can make simple sentences more fluid and natural, but incorrect usage can change the meaning all together. Avoid this complication by having your student complete these exercises to solidify concepts.
Reflexive Pronouns Improve your child's writing skills by helping them understand and become comfortable with reflexive pronouns. Give them the ability to tell the stories they want to tell with these exercises that will put them at the top of their class.
Noun Pronoun Agreement Teach your third grader the importance of subject pronouns and noun-pronoun agreement with these exercises that are specifically developed for their age group.
Possessive Pronouns 1 Educate your students on the importance of possessive pronouns early on to help them develop masterful reading and writing skills. These exercises, developed for third graders, will do just that and provide them with helpful hints when needed.
Demonstrative Pronouns Help your third grader understand how to correctly identify and utilize demonstrative nouns with these exercises that have them use context clues to pick the best fit.

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