Words work together in a sentence, each one performing a different task. By fifth grade, students have become more adept readers and writers and they are familiar with the basic parts of speech. The activities in this unit revisit some of the basics and also add depth to their existing understanding. Students will engage in such topics as superlative adjectives, correlative conjunctions and prepositional phrases, to name a few.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Parts of Speech 3 By fifth grade, students are starting to use all of the parts of speech in their writing. Make sure they do so correctly with these exercises that solidify the place of these words in sentences.
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives 3 This is one of the best exercises on comparative and superlative adjectives because it is clearer and easier to understand.
Adjective or Adverb (Adjectives - Other) 3 Add more adjectives to the list of words your students are familiar with by assigning this simple exercise.
Articles 3 Have your students practice their use of articles by giving them options and allowing them to work through them individually. This allows them to find their own best way to think through problems.
Interjections 2 Teach your fifth graders when interjections are appropriate and how to use them with these exercises that have a variety of questions and helpful hints.
Conjunctions 3 Help your fifth grader describe the relationship between two thoughts by using the proper conjunctions. These exercises will help your student solidify concepts and practice individually.
Correlative Conjunctions Help students expand their knowledge of sentence structures with these exercises that encourage students to use correlative conjunctions in their writing.
Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions 2 Showing students how to work with coordinating and subordinating conjunctions has never been easier thanks to this exercise.
Prepositions 3 Seeing how one object is related to another is important in describing things in time, space, or size. Give your fifth grader the tools they need to understand this concept with these exercises.
Prepositional Phrases 3 Identify prepositions and objects of prepositions with these exercises that put your fifth grader's knowledge to the test

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