Second grade phonics covers more advanced rules that build upon kids' foundational reading skills, such as vowel pairs (ai, ee, ea, oo), long and short vowels, and the silent E. This guided lesson covers these three areas in order to enhance kids' skills with decoding more challenging texts. You can boost reading fluency further by printing the phonics worksheets that go with this lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Vowel Teams Song Vowels don't always go together, but sometimes it's fun to have a friend! Learn how vowel teams work in this fun song that teaches vowels.
Silent E Word Sort Sneaky silent E makes short vowels say their names, changing short vowel CVC words into long vowel words. In this phonics game, kids learn how to sort long and short vowels by identifying this common spelling pattern. Practicing this essential rule in this fun school-themed game helps children strengthen important reading skills in an engaging way.
Vowel Team Spelling Young readers practice vowel team spelling patterns in order to build bridges in this interactive reading and writing game. Before the bus gets to each stop, kids will need to use their knowledge of vowel teams and letter-sound relationships to correctly spell the given word. Great for second graders, this game reinforces spelling patterns of common words and homophones.
Vowel Pairs Cat Food Spelling Roly is hungry for vowel pair words. In this fast-paced game, kids must make words with common vowel teams to get Roly the food he needs, but they have to hurry because the clock is ticking! Perfect for spelling simple words and practicing homophones, this game is so fun that kids won't even realize how much they're learning.
Jean and Sue's Adventure Jean Toad and Sue Sheep are the best of friends, even though they're as different as can be. In this sweet story, kids practice identifying common vowel team words in a narrative context. Perfect for spelling practice, reluctant and eager readers alike will love following Jean and Sue on their fun-filled adventure.

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