This series of spelling activities provides 5th grade spelling lists and exercises that target grade level spelling patterns. Students will learn spelling related word patters like homophones and long vowels in multi-syllable words and also how the spelling of words is affected by adding suffixes. Students will also examine and learn some more commonly misspelled words in the English language.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Adding Suffixes with Trucks Your fifth grader can rule the road with Floyd in this game that practices adding suffixes with trucks. As they travel down the road, they will pick up letters to add to the word in the back of the truck, teaching them about adding suffixes and providing a revved-up new take on spelling practice.
Adding Suffixes Teach students how to change the meaning of words by adding suffixes with this simple exercise.
Sentence Building: Homophones Wood or would? Help Floyd build brick by brick with in this sentence building game that focuses on homophones. The words on the missing bricks sound the same, but mean different things. Your fifth grader's task? Find the one with the correct spelling for the sentence! If it's the right word, the wall will go higher. If it's wrong, try again!
Homophones 3 Students will hone their ability to identify differences between homophones with this final exercise in the series.
Spelling Long Words Adventure Ready to go on an adventure? Floyd Danger is going on a quest to find the golden dictionary, but he needs kids' help to spell multisyllable words with long vowels. Breaking words apart into smaller syllables is a helpful spelling strategy, so kids will get plenty of practice while playing this fun game. A layer of fun—coins, treasures, and obstacles—will make kids want to play over and over again!
Long Vowels in Multi-Syllable Words Students who complete this exercise will have no problem pronouncing those long syllables in multi syllable words.
Irregularly Spelled Words 3 Your students will be masters of irregularly spelled words after completing this final exercise in the series.

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