Once kindergarteners understand the concept of more and less, they will move on to basic subtraction with single-digit numbers. This can be a tricky concept for kids to master. You can help this transition with these exercises that aim to give kids targeted practice in subtraction. Once the guided lesson is finished, you can support learning further with the accompanying subtraction worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Subtraction Song
Subtraction isn't sad -- you have to take some things away, but you get to share! Learn the basics of subtracting in this sweet song about friendship.
Treasure Chest Subtraction Game

That Tutu sure is generous. She's willing to share her treasure...but only if your kid listens closely and gets his subtraction facts right! First Tutu will tell him how many piece of treasure he can take out of his chest, and then it's up to him to pick out some treasure. If he successfully takes away the right number of items, he'll get to keep the booty for himself in this game that focuses on basic subtraction skills.

Penelope's Flower Subtraction

Penelope's garden is blooming with flowers, and she needs help picking some. In this interactive subtraction game, kids must pluck the correct amount of flowers to solve subtraction problems in a concrete way. Great for visualizing subtraction, this manipulatives-based game is a perfect way for children to move from concrete to abstract subtraction.

Manny's Bananas Story
Manny loves bananas, but he also loves sharing. Learn subtraction with the help of a generous monkey named Manny.
Subtraction Quiz
Put down the manipulatives—it's time for mental subtraction! In this colorful quiz game, kids must answer simple subtraction problems without objects to help them. Perfect for early learners who are transitioning from concrete subtraction to abstract subtraction, this colorful math quiz helps children get the hang of mental subtraction within 10.
Muggo's Subtraction Puzzle

Three Muggos strolled down the street, and one fell into a manhole! How many Muggos are left over? Perfect for early math learners, this simple subtraction problem in this silly puzzle game shows an image that clearly represents the equation 3 - 1 = 2. Seeing the equation drawn out will help children become more comfortable drawing out additional equations, which is a very effective strategy for learning how to subtract.

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