The Ugly Duckling

The letters U, D, S and Q are featured in this guided lesson to help kids learn the alphabet and early phonics skills. The familiar story of "The Ugly Duckling" offers important context for practicing letter recognition. With fun, recognizable stories like this one, preschoolers are able to hear the sounds the letters make which is key to the process of learning how to read.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
The Ugly Duckling Once upon a time there was a flock of ducklings born, but one of them was different than the rest. Reading storybooks such as “The Ugly Duckling” is essential to building reading fluency and mastering early literacy concepts. Whether your child is in preschool or older, they're never too old to benefit from the lessons of this beloved tale about fitting in and the importance of kindness. Featuring cheery illustrations and a soothing narrator, kids of all ages will settle in for this story time and time again.
Ugly Duckling Story Ordering If a little birdie came and told you that it could easily teach sequencing events to your preschoolers, would your curiosity be piqued? Your young learners will be equally as interested in learning how a story evolves with this cute and interactive game helping Floyd the dog put his book back together after a little bird re-organized the pages.
Roly Workout If you have kids who love to move in your classroom, this workout-along with Roly is one awesome opportunity to practice recognizing the letters U, D, S, and Q. With the moderator calling out a physical action associated with each letter, students who thrive on movement can stand a better chance of memorizing and recognizing these letters in the future.
Alphabet Demolition: D, Q, S, U

This building has been condemned and it's up to your kid to help tear it down. In this game, early readers work on their alphabet knowledge by listening to the cues and choosing the correct letter brick. Each time your kid correctly identifies a letter Floyd's crane activates, sending Roly barreling into the alphabet bricks. If your kid's letter recognition skills are up to snuff, the whole building will come crumbling down!

Whack-a-Duck It should come as no surprise that students these days love interactive learning opportunities. If your students are working on color recognition, why not build in a little eye-hand coordination practice as well? Students playing this swan-derful game will quickly learn the difference between white and yellow.
Ice Cream Detective

Give your early learner lots of exposure to adjectives and descriptive phrases in this learning game that's all about process of elimination. Your little detective will listen to the descriptions and help Officer Ice Cream eliminate ice cream scoops one by one, until only one remains. As he plays, your kid is building language skills and the ability to make decisions. When he finally singles out the last ice cream scoop, he's sure to feel a sense of accomplishment.

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