Typing Sentences: Speed

Did you know Melitta Benz invented the coffee filter? Who is the father of text messaging? Kids learn about 3 cool inventors in this quick typing game. They will practice typing symbols, numbers, and capital letters as Floyd surfs a big wave! Have them play over and over again to beat their previous words per minute!
Typing Sentences for Speed: Amazing Inventions Surfing Practice some radical sentence-typing moves as you get to know a few epic inventors. Come on board in this installment of our Typing for Sentences for Speed Series. Try all three!
Typing Sentences for Speed: Rhyming Sentences Savanna WPM looking grave? Here's a solution — walk through the beautiful savanna! Practice typing speed and accuracy in this epic installment of our Typing for Sentences for Speed Series. One of three.
Typing Sentences for Speed: Cartoon Trivia Surfing Did you know Mickey Mouse was almost called Mortimer Mouse? Learn some cartoon trivia while taking your typing skills from good to radical in this installment of our Typing Sentences for Speed. One of three.

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