What percentage of Earth is water? How much money does that water bottle cost? What's your email? Answering these questions can require the use of symbols. Help your child navigate the many keys on a keyboard, practice using the shift key, and integrate symbols into their writing with these typing symbols games.
This lesson includes 1 printable learning activities
It's a new shift for Birdee in the gem mines, and a new one for you too as you practice using the shift key to type parenthesis, exclamation points, question marks, and quotation marks. Part of our four-game Typing Symbols Series.
Typing is a valuable lifelong skill — period. Practice touch typing periods, commas, colons, and semicolons in this challenging punctuation typing game. Part of our four-game Typing Symbols Series.
No need to cover your ears! Squirrel is just hungry for a challenge. Practice the shift, 2, #, @, $, and % keys in what may be our most useful skill for future typists and texters. Part of our four-game Typing Symbols Series.
Ready to mix some punctuation marks like the hash symbol, dollar sign, and period into your typing repertoire? Each fish Roly eats symbolizes another step toward typing proficiency! Part of our four-game Typing Symbols Series.

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