Cooking, weather, and sports, oh my! These interactive gem mining and cat typing games will help your child learn to type accurately and quickly with correct form and placement. By practicing words, their keyboarding skills will become better and better as they remember common letter pattern placements to string letters together.
Typing Words: Cooking Words CuzCuz will deliver the eggs if you will supply the pan, pot, and stove—by typing them! Practice your touch typing accuracy and work up an appetite in this installment of our Typing Words Series.
Typing Words: Weather Words Want to improve your touch typing accuracy? You're getting warmer. In the Weather Words installment of our Typing Words Series, CuzCuz collects eggs for a rainy day with your typing assistance.
Typing Words: Sports Words Ready! Set! Go! Each sports word you type accurately brings CuzCuz closer to his goal of finishing the Eggster 500. It's win-win as you improve your touch typing accuracy and CuzCuz increases his egg haul! Part of our Typing Words Series.
Typing Words: Food Words Roly's hungry for fish — but first, a typing appetizer. Each food word you type means another fish in Roly's belly. Part of our six-game Typing Words Series.
Typing Words: Five-Letter Words Cats may have nine lives, but here the focus is on five – five-letter words that is! Help Roly feast on fish in this fun touch typing game, part of our six-installment Typing Words Series.
Typing Words: Six-Letter Words Now that you've practiced typing five-letter words, it's time to raise the fillets! This installment of our Typing Words Series has students touch typing six-letter words. Roly's reward is fish, but you can check your accuracy and WPM at the end of the game.

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