Word Structure 2

Words are like legos - they can have interchangeable parts. In this unit students will study the construction of words including roots, prefixes and suffixes. Students will also explore how to modify words to make them possessive, a different part of speech and adjust to signify singular and plural. Understanding the basic building blocks of words, will increase students’ vocabulary, improve their spelling and add strategies for decoding unfamiliar words.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Regular and Irregular Plural Forms This exercise provides ground rules for forming plurals, as well as common irregular words students should learn.
Common Prefixes 2 With the basics established, students will enjoy making use of the knowledge of common prefixes shared in this exercise.
Common Suffixes 2 It will be much easier for students to learn how to spell after completing this exercise that gives them familiarity with common suffixes.
Suffixes to Change Verb Tenses 1 This exercise will teach students how to use common suffixes to change a verb’s tense.
Suffixes To Make Adjectives and Adverbs Students will understand how to utilize suffixes to modify verb-noun pairs into adjective-adverb pairs with this helpful exercise.
Suffixes to Change an Adjective to an Adverb 1 Use this exercise to show students how suffixes can be used to change adjectives and adverbs.
Suffixes to Change an Adjective to a Noun 1 After this exercise, students will be able to easily use suffixes to change an adjective into a noun.

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