This word play lesson teaches second graders about diphthongs (ow, ou, oi, oy and ew words) and tricky plural nouns (geese, feet, mice). It also introduces kids to the bossy R rule, which states that when the letter r follows a vowel it changes the way the word is pronouced, for example far, car, and fur. These rules can help second graders advance their reading fluency and spelling skills.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
The Rule Breakers: Diphthong Song Oy, oi! Rock out with the Rule Breakers as they explain how diphthongs make it so words that are spelled differently can sound the same. This silly song helps introduce kids to this tricky spelling rule by providing common diphthong pairs, such as ow and ou, and examples of words that feature them, such as cow and mouse.
Irregular Plural Nouns Match Match the nouns with their irregular plural noun forms in this simple online game! This digital exercise challenges students to look at words like "wolf" and "child" and find their corresponding plural forms. Perfect for young readers in second grade, Irregular Plural Nouns Match is a grammar activity that reinforces the idea of singular and plural nouns.
Ski Race: Irregular Plural Nouns In this ski race game, students will challenge their understanding of irregular plural nouns, such as mice, feet, and geese. Students must find the plural noun of each word in order to help their ski racer down the mountain first. Mastering plural nouns, especially those in irregular form, is a key building block of the reading and writing curriculum. Word selection and game play is designed for a second grade and third grade audience.
Norman the Caterpillar Norman the caterpillar likes his daily routine, high up in the walnut tree, and is very resistant to change. In this sweet story, Norman learns that change is inevitable, and can often make things better. Kids will love soaking up the important message in this sweet story, and will also be exposed to a large number of irregular verbs in the process.
Irregular Verbs Match In this grammar game, children use what they know about irregular verbs to match each present-tense word to its past-tense pair (such as sweep and swept, catch and caught). Though designed for a second-grade curriculum, this game is a fun way for children of various levels to learn, practice, or review those sometimes tricky, rule-breaking irregular verbs.
Bossy R Words Spelling This bossy R words spelling game asks students to fix bridges by creating words. Students drag and drop letters to correctly complete words with r-controlled vowels, such as "nurse" and "fern." Learning spelling patterns and letter sound relationships builds strong reading and writing skills, which is especially important for students in the second grade who are being introduced to more complex words.

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