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Here's everything Premium includes:

Guided Lessons

Engage with digital lessons.

  • Teacher-designed sequences
  • Interactive games, exercises, stories, and songs
  • iPad, Android, Chromebook, and online
Progress Tracker

Identify triumphs and challenges.

  • Get insights on each kid's work and skills with our Progress Tracker
  • Teachers view skills proficiency by class, group, and student
  • Assign onscreen and printed practice to students in bulk
Progress Tracker Recomend

Personalize learning experiences.

  • Individualized recommendations for each kid's needs
  • See which highlighted skills need improvement
  • Digital and printable resources to reinforce skills
Learning Libary

Unlimited access to our vast library of resources.

  • Over 32,000 printable, digital, and hands-on activities
  • Preschool-8th grade
  • Math, reading, writing, science, fine arts, social emotional, English learners, and more
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