Lesson Plan

101 and Out!

Get the dice out and help students get targeted practice in adding 1 and 10! In this fun place value game, students keep adding to try to get to a maximum score of 100. But be careful. If you go over 100 you’re out!
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to add 10 and 1 fluently to any two digit number.


(7 minutes)
  • Have students gather on the rug. Write the equation 10 + 1 on the board close to the hundreds chart. Have a volunteer show how to solve that equation using the hundreds chart.
  • Now write 10 + 10 on the board. Have another volunteer show what solving that equation looks like on the hundreds chart.
  • Repeat this process with 34 +1 and 34 +10.
  • Guide a discussion about the pattern they notice when adding 1 and 10 on a hundreds chart (i.e. jumping one space to the right as opposed to jumping one space down).