Lesson Plan

A Black History Month Lesson on Peace

In this Black History Month lesson plan, students will explore the similarities between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. This a discussion-based lesson that culminates with the creation of a peace wreath.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to participate in a discussion and describe the similarities between well-known civil rights heroes.


(5 minutes)
  • Tell students to share examples of problems they have faced with friends at school.
  • Ask students to share examples of how they solved these problems.
  • Explain to students that over 50 years ago in the United States, people who had dark skin, such as African-Americans, faced unfair treatment, such as having to go to different schools than white people and use different bathrooms.
  • Many people saw this as a big problem that needed a solution.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks were two people who felt that this treatment was unfair, and they used non-violent and peaceful methods to work towards a solution to this problem.