Lesson plan

A Colorful Halloween

Happy Halloween! Celebrate the spookiest day of the year with this fun-filled lesson on colors and the difference between real and pretend.
Grade Subject View aligned standards
  • Students will be able to recognize color words and determine whether certain objects are real or pretend.
(15 minutes)
  • Show students your Halloween mask. Put it on and ask the class if they think you're scary.
  • Ask them whether you're really what the mask is (e.g. whether you're a real goblin) or just a pretend version.
  • Discuss real vs. pretend, or actual vs. fake, while presenting your real and pretend props. For example, show students how a real orange is edible, while a plastic, pretend orange is inedible. Explain that on Halloween, people dress up to play pretend.
  • Read your Halloween-themed book aloud to the class.
  • Ask students to determine whether certain things in the story are real or pretend. Discussion questions will depend on the book you choose, but could include questions like: Is this child in a ghost costume a real ghost or a pretend ghost? How can you tell?
(40 minutes)
  • Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? aloud to the class. Ask students about whether the things in the story are real. Great discussion questions include: Are horses really blue? Are cats really purple?
  • Using the Paper Crayons, review various color words. Show how each color word denotes a different color. For example, compare blue to the sky and green to grass.
  • Hang the Paper Crayons in view of the children.
  • Show the class the pumpkin. Ask your students to tell you the color of the pumpkin.
  • Hand out an Orange Pumpkin booklet to each student.
  • Read the cover page of the booklet to the class. Ask students to find orange crayons and color the pumpkin on the next page.
  • Turn to the following page and read it aloud. Ask students to find the color that goes with that page.
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the pages, encouraging students to read along.
  • For the last page, ask for the entire class to read along.
  • Ask students which things are real and which are pretend. Give them the answer for each one. The things that are real are: a cat, a bat, a moon, a pumpkin, a skeleton, and trick-or-treaters. The things that are pretend are: a vampire, Frankenstein, a mummy, a witch, and a ghost.
(10 minutes)
  • Have each student sing the following song to the tune of Farmer in the Dell.
What costume will you wear?
What costume will you wear?
To trick or treat on Halloween,
What costume will you wear?

I will be a [costume]!
I will be a [costume]!
To trick or treat on Halloween,
I will be a [costume]!
  • Put on your mask and include yourself as the last singer.
(10 minutes)
  • Have students read the Orange Pumpkin booklet on their own.
  • Enrichment: Have students in need of a greater challenge work on the Learning Colors worksheet set.
  • Support: Have struggling students work alongside more advanced classmates for peer assistance.
(10 minutes)
  • While discussing real vs. pretend, take note of which students understand the concept.
  • Observe students during Independent Working Time in order to assess the class' grasp on the booklet's contents.
(5 minutes)
  • Review color words by having students read aloud the words on the Paper Crayons.

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