Lesson plan

A Five Senses Adventure

This five senses inspired lesson will get your students excited about using their observation skills as they go on a classroom scavenger hunt!
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Students will be able to go on a five senses scavenger hunt.

(5 minutes)
  • Have students join you for the beginning of the lesson.
  • Ask students to close their eyes, then clap your hands a few times. Ask the class to think about which of their five senses they just used.
  • Say, “Right! You used your hearing when you listened to me clap. What are the other senses you have?”
  • Engage the students in a brief discussion about the five senses (smell, sight, touch, taste, hear) record them on the whiteboard or chart paper to capture student thinking.
  • As needed, remind of review what the senses are by saying, “Our senses are how we learn about the world. When we use our different senses we are able to observe different things by listening, tasting, touching, looking, and smelling. When we observe the world, we are really paying careful attention and learning.”
(5 minutes)
  • Explain that today students will be going on a five senses scavenger hunt.
  • Ask students what a scavenger hunt is, looking carefully to find things in a certain area.
  • Tell students that you will model how to use your five senses to find things in the classroom.
  • Model finding things that you can hear.
  • Demonstrate going around the room identifying two to three items that make noises (instruments, bells, music, etc.). Record the items on your clipboard by the words “I can hear” and a drawing of an ear. Be sure to model how to stretch out the spelling of each of the words and/or draw a picture of the items.
(10 minutes)
  • Tell the class that they will get to go outside and make observations of things that they can see.
  • Take the class outside and have them sit in a large circle quietly. Ask them to be very still and quiet and have them share what they see outside after a moment or two of quiet observation.
  • Record student thinking on a sheet of paper for reference.
  • Bring the class indoors and refer to the student observations from outside. Review the idea that there are many different things you can find when you are paying attention to your senses.
(20 minutes)
  • Explain that now students will get a chance to find things in the classroom using their five senses. They are going to go on a five senses scavenger hunt!
  • Demonstrate how students are going to take one piece of paper and choose which of the five senses to focus on (refer to the five senses written on the board). Students will write the word for their chosen sense, “See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell” on the paper and then clip the paper to a clipboard. They should spend time walking around the classroom and recording as many things as they can that go with their sense.
  • Review how to record words by stretching out the sounds. Remind students that they can use pictures in addition to words to record their findings.
  • Pass out supplies and have students get to work.


  • For students who need additional support, choose which of the five senses they should focus on and help them identify one to two places in the classroom to begin their scavenger hunt.


  • Encourage students to find items that go with additional senses. Students can also work on their spelling skills by writing complete sentences about each item they find.
(5 minutes)
  • Assess whether students are able to identify and record items that go with each of the five senses.
(5 minutes)
  • Gather students together and have them share out some of the things that they found for each of the five senses.

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