August 24, 2015
by Rose McCabe

Lesson plan

A Pretend House

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Students will be able to work cooperatively on simple tasks.

(5 minutes)
  • Put all the blocks on the table or floor.
  • Invite the students over. Tell them that they will be building a house for a mouse today. Ask them what they think they will be using to build the house.
  • Tell them that they will be using play dough and blocks.
(20 minutes)
  • Tell them they can stack the blocks using the play dough in between.
  • Another word for stack is layer. Show them the concept word strip. Have them repeat the word “layer.”
  • Explain that a sandwich can be layered: bread, mustard, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and then another piece of bread. When items are laid one on top of another, it is called layered.
  • Read the story I Can Cooperate. Show students the concept word strip. Have them repeat the word “cooperate.”
  • Explain that when the children worked together in the book, they cooperated with each other. Tell them to work together and cooperate when they build their mouse house.
  • Read the story If You Take a Mouse to School. Tell students that on the way to the lunchroom, the mouse saw some building blocks. He decided to layer the blocks to make a little mouse house, and he made some furniture out of clay.
  • Ask, “What is furniture?” Show the concept word strip and have the students repeat it.
  • Explain that we use furniture in our home to sit on, sleep on, and eat on. Point out the furniture in your room.
(15 minutes)
  • Have an open discussion. Guide the children to listen to each other as they talk and make sure everyone has a turn to share. Ask how the mouse in the story looks in the home he has made. Ask each student what things make them feel happy at their house.
  • Hand out the pretend mice (picture or plastic). Ask what it means to pretend. Show the concept word strip.
  • Explain that pretend is not real. We can pretend to cook at the play kitchen or pretend to be a dog.
  • Explain that mice cannot really build a house with blocks and clay. This is just pretend and the mouse they are using in their activity is pretend.
  • Ask the students what they like to pretend to do or be.
(35 minutes)
  • Hand out a sheet of paper and some crayons to each student.
  • Ask the students to draw a picture of the mouse in his house.
  • Encourage them to each write their name on the back of their picture. For children who need guidance, write their name in yellow marker and have them trace it.
  • When they are done, have each student tell you about their picture and write their words on the picture.
  • As the students finish the drawing activity, instruct them to cooperate with each other and use the blocks and play dough to make a house and furniture for their mouse. They can build together or separately, but they have to share the blocks and play dough.
  • Compliment the children who are cooperating and being kind.
  • As they are creating, ask them to tell you about all the parts of the house they are building for their mouse. Encourage the use of the concept words.
  • Enrichment: For students who need a challenge, provide them with a copy of the Build and Count worksheet to complete.
  • Support: Guide struggling students during discussions.
(5 minutes)
  • Observe the children during discussion and use a class list to write down comments each child makes.
(15 minutes)
  • Take a picture of each building with the students who created it.
  • Ask them to tell you about their creations. Review the concept word strips and use them when commenting on each student’s building.
  • Print out the pictures and make a book for the students to look at with their comments and the pictures they drew.

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