Lesson Plan

ABC Classroom Quilt

Practice number sequence and letter-sound correspondence with your class in this hands-on lesson. Your students will create a construction paper letter "quilt" to display and reference for help with these essential skills.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to sequence alphabet letters and create a letter quilt piece that demonstrates letter identification and sound understanding.


(10 minutes)
Letters of the Alphabet set
  • Show students an example of a quilt.
  • Explain that a quilt is a kind of blanket that is pieced together from squares. Hold up the quilt and point out the squares.
  • Describe how quilt makers must put the squares of the quilt in order, from left to right.
  • Ask students if they can identify which squares were the first, second, and third. Explain that this order is a sequence.
  • Direct attention to the letter quilt model hanging on the board. Tell students that they will make their own quilt, but the squares will each represent a letter and they will be in order.
  • See if students can identify other items that are in order around the room. Great examples include: cubbies, alphabet banners, number banners, etc.
  • Bring students' attention to the numbered index cards on the floor.
  • Explain that words in songs, like the ABC song, also have a certain order.
  • Lead the class in singing the ABC Song. You could also lead the class in singing along to a video version of the Alphabet Song.