Lesson Plan

All About Landforms

Through creative and engaging activities, your students will explore and learn about landforms. In this lesson, they will make their own mini dictionary of landforms.
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Learning Objectives

Students will identify and describe at least four different types of landforms.


(10 minutes)
  • Introduce the lesson by telling and discussing with students interesting facts about the Earth. For example: One-fourth of the Earth’s surface is covered by land. The land on the Earth is not the same everywhere. These different physical features found on the surface of the Earth are called landforms. Landforms can affect the weather, climate, and lifestyle of a community.
  • Develop a definition of landforms that includes some examples through discussion.
  • Discussion should include the impact of landforms on a community. For example, landforms affect where people live and build their communities. Travel routes are often designed according to landforms such as mountains.
  • Write down the definition your class develops where all students can see it.
  • Have students write down the vocabulary word landform and the definition in their notebooks.