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All About the Letter A!

Students will have fun identifying words that begin with the letter A. They will enjoy writing and illustrating the pages for a classroom alphabet book!
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Students will be able to write and recognize words that begin with the letter A.

(5 minutes)
  • Write the uppercase and lowercase letter A on the board.
  • Ask students to name the letters and the sound the letter makes.
  • Say, “Right! This is the letter A! It makes two sounds. The short A makes the sound, ah like in the word apple, and the long A says its name ay like in the word ape.
  • Tell the class that today they will get to learn even more words that begin with the letter A!
(5 minutes)
  • Point to the letters on the board and demonstrate how to write both the uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Demonstrate thinking aloud a word that begins with the letter A such as ant. Then, show the students how you can draw a picture of an ant and label the drawing “ant." Write the uppercase and lowercase A above your drawing.
(5 minutes)
  • Tell students that they will get practice writing the uppercase letter A on the floor in front of them (model how to do this), then have them repeat this activity with the lowercase letter a.
  • Ask the students to think of words that begin with the short A sound, like apple. Have them turn and talk to a partner to share words.
  • Have pairs share their words with the class and record the words (with a small image) on the whiteboard.
  • Repeat with long A words.
(15 minutes)
  • Explain that now students will get to choose one of the letter A words on the board to create an illustration of for a class A book. Demonstrate how students should write the uppercase and lowercase letter A above their illustrations (refer to your example on the board for reference).
  • Pass out supplies to each student.


  • Help students choose one of the letter A words to focus on for their page.
  • Allow students additional practice forming the letter A using Writing the Letter a worksheet.


  • Ask students to think of additional words that begin with the letter A to create a second page for the class book. Have students practice writing the words.
(5 minutes)
  • Assess whether students are able to identify a word that begins with the letter A and that students can form the lowercase and uppercase letter A.
(5 minutes)
  • Gather the class back together and read through the class book.

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