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All Long Vowels Please Stand Up!

Students will learn long vowel tricks to expose impostor vowels who “say” their name in this fun game that teaches the long vowel rule.
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In this reading and writing lesson plan, All Long Vowels Please Stand Up!, first graders will practice differentiating between long and short vowel sounds in an entertaining game show format. First, children will learn (or review) the long vowel rule that long vowels say their name (such as in acorn, ear, ice cream, oval, and unicycle), as well as the macron and breve marks that distinguish between long and short vowels. After reviewing, learners are ready to put their knowledge of letter-sound relationships to the test in a rousing game of Will the Real Long Vowel Please Stand Up?

Learning Objectives

Students will distinguish short from long vowel sounds in a game show format.


(5 minutes)
Long Vowel Picture CardsPractice Vowel Game Card PairsVowel Game Card PairsLong Vowels
  • Announce that today long vowels are here to appear in a game show called Will the Real Long Vowel Please Stand Up? Explain that short vowels will try to fool us into believing they are the real long vowel words.
  • Introduce the Long Vowel Picture Card words from the set displayed on the board.

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