Lesson Plan

American Symbols

Would you like your students to understand some of the most iconic symbols in American culture? Well, you are in luck! This lesson will allow your students to explore important American symbols and their meanings.
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Learning Objectives

Student will identify important American symbols and explain their meaning.


(10 minutes)
American Symbol CardsStatue of LibertyAmerican FlagBald EagleMount RushmorePledge of Allegiance
  • Tell students that today they will be learning about some of the most important symbols in the United States of America.
  • Ask students if they can define symbol. After discussion, define, and record, if necessary, a symbol as an item that represents something else.
  • Ask students if they can name any American symbols.
  • Help guide them through this discussion by naming items such as the bald eagle, the American flag, and the Statue of Liberty.