Lesson Plan

Animal Poetry

Get excited about poetry! This lesson will encourage your students to practice their writing skills as they write their very own list poems about animals.
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Share a poem about your favorite animal! In this reading and writing lesson, ask students to think of an interesting animal and then write a creative poem. After they’ve picked their animal and written down their ideas, they’ll share the poems with the class! Great for kindergarteners and first graders, this activity introduces a simple way to get started writing poetry. The Animal Poetry lesson plan is a great way to show kids how different and fun the writing process can be.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will use descriptive language, details, and shared writing to write list poems.


(5 minutes)
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  • Ask students if they know what a poem is. Allow for a few students to respond with ideas.
  • Say, “That’s right! A poem is a special type of writing that uses imagination and feeling to share an idea or thought. There are many different kinds of poems -- some rhyme, and some don’t.”
  • Explain that today you will be learning how to write your very own list poems about animals.