Lesson Plan

Animal Poses to Create Calm

Mindful movement can support calm and can also be fun! In this lesson, students will create their own animal pose to teach the class, then journal and draw a picture of themselves in their mindful movement animal pose.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to design their own animal mindful movement pose and will explore how they can use nature and mindful movement to create calm.


(15 minutes)
Animal Pose Figures
  • Bring students outside, and have them join into a circle for mindful movement poses.
  • Tell them to sit on their mats or towels.
  • Ask them to calm their bodies and take a few deep breaths. Encourage them to feel their breaths going in and out.
  • Explain to the class that they will be practicing mindful movement together, and that this can create greater calm, focus, flexibility, strength, and balance of both their bodies and minds.
  • Tell them that today, they will just focus on poses.
  • Ask students to pay attention to what is similar in each pose that you demonstrate.
  • Have them watch you move into a few poses. (Review the Animal Pose Figures worksheet ahead of time if you are unfamiliar with the poses detailed below.)
  • Move into seated cow pose and say, "cow pose."
  • Move into seated cat pose and say, "cat pose."
  • Move into seated frog pose and say, "frog pose."
  • Ask students to join you now for seated cow, seated cat, and frog pose.
  • Guide them to feel their breath in each pose.
  • Afterwards, ask, "What was similar about each pose?" Build upon their answers, and explain that each pose had an animal name.