Lesson Plan

Animal Research

Who doesn’t love learning about animals? Engage students in research as they write informational books about animals.
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Animals are fun to research aren’t they? Students get to think about what an animal looks like, what an animal eats, where an animal lives, and other fun facts in this open-ended activity. After conducting research on the animal of their choice, kids will take on a creative project to help them present what they learned. In the lesson plan Animal Research, first graders take a look at the writing process and supporting ideas with evidence in writing.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to conduct research to answer questions.
  • Students will be able to write informational books where they name a topic, supply some facts about it, and provide a sense of closure.


(5 minutes)
Tell About Animals
  • Show students a book about an animal. Just focus on the cover -- don’t show them the inside of the book.
  • Tell students that the book is about the animal. Ask them what types of information they think might be included in the book. List their ideas on the board.