Lesson Plan

Appreciating Diversity

Everyone belongs and is welcome in this lesson on diversity and inclusion. Students will hear a story and learn a song connected to welcoming and including others.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify what it means to be an "includer" and discuss ways they may include others inside and outside of school.


(10 minutes)
  • Join students together in a circle, seated or standing.
  • Ask students, "What does it mean to 'include' others?"
  • Ask, "Can someone give an example of a time they have been included in a game or activity?"
  • Ask, "How does it feel when you are included?"
  • Explain that someone who includes others is called an includer.
  • Write "includer" on the board and draw a picture of a young person including someone else in a game.
  • Show the video "The Number One Way To Teach Kids About Inclusion."
  • Ask, "What are some tips they give us on how can we include others?"
  • Take 3–4 student responses.