Lesson Plan

Array Models in Multiplication

This lesson allows students to explore the concept of multiplication hands on. Kids will also come to understand why multiplication is important as well as how to solve multiplication problems using array models.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to understand the basic concept of multiplication and solve multiplication equations using array models as a tool.


(5 minutes)
Array Models for Multiplication
  • Give your class an example of a multiplication word problem that can be solved using array models. For example: My cousin went to the beauty salon to get her hair done. She wanted to get corn rows with 3 colorful beads at the end of each braid with 12 braids in all. The beautician told her to pick out the beads she wanted for her hair. My cousin thought if she had 12 braids and each braid would hold 3 beads she would need 36 beads in all. She used multiplication in order to figure out the total number of beads she needed. She could have added 3+3+3….. (12 times) but instead she knew that she could multiply to find the answer quicker.
  • Draw an array that fits your example as a visual for students: for this problem, draw 12 rows with 3 beads in each row.
  • Tell the class that today they are going to learn about multiplication as well as how to solve multiplication equations using array models.