Lesson Plan

Making Similes as Easy as Pie

This lesson will give students an opportunity to have fun while learning about and using similes.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to recognize and use similes.


(20 minutes)
Easy as Pie SimilesSimile Flash Cards
  • Explain to your students that they will learn about similes today.
  • Play Similes and Metaphors.
  • While the video is playing, write the word "simile" on the board.
  • Write a few similes from the simile flash cards around the word "simile" on the board. Ask the students to explain what they think a simile is.
  • Tell your students that a simile is a comparison using the words "like" or "as" and give an example of each.
  • Ask your class to give some more examples and add them to the collection on the board.
  • Add some more similes, making sure to write the ones that are on the simile flash cards.
  • Announce that everyone will be playing a game of charades to guess some similes.
  • Tell your students that all of the similes are on the board to help them, but they should try to guess without looking if they can.
  • Act the first one out to get the students excited and involved, and then pick a volunteer to act out another simile.