Lesson Plan

Ask an Ant About the Letter A

This early reading lesson involves identifying pictures and making words with the short 'a' sound. Your kids will learn words with the initial, medial, and final short 'a' sound while having fun!
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify words with the initial, medial and final short 'a' sound.


(5 minutes)
Short a FirstShort a Sounds
  • Ask your students to say how many vowels are in the alphabet.
  • Tell students to name the vowels.
  • Tell students that today, they're going to learn about one of those five vowels.
  • Tell students that you will make the sound of the vowel we're learning about today.
  • Make the short 'a' sound.
  • Ask students to say which vowel makes that sound.
  • Explain to students that that is the short sound of the vowel 'a'.
  • Say the short 'a' sound three times and have your students repeat.
  • Have your students recite the following chant: "The 'a' says /a/; the 'a' says /a/; every letter makes a sound; the 'a' says /a/".