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Author's Purpose: Easy as PIE

Give your class the "write" tools they need to become excellent authors. In this literary lesson, students use their knowledge of author's purpose to successfully write pieces that persuade, inform, and entertain.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to write in accordance with different author's purposes.


(5 minutes)
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  • To begin, inform your students that when people write, they write with a specific author's purpose, or reason for writing, in mind. Explain that there are three components to author's purpose, expressed with the acronym PIE: to persuade, to inform, and to entertain.
  • Let them know that they will be authors for this lesson, and write for each purpose.
  • Display the definitions of each purpose to show students what they mean: persuade: to convince; inform: to teach or give facts about a topic; entertain: to provide amusement.

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