Lesson Plan

BAM! POW! Comic Strip Writing

Students love comic books! Channel their excitement for this fun genre and get their creative writing juices flowing. By writing their own comic strips, students will be practicing composing, sequencing, and using dialogue.
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“Bam!” “Pow!” Comic book writing is a great way to engage young learners in the writing and story-telling process. In this first grade reading and writing lesson plan, budding writers will be introduced to the genre writing category of comic books, as well as related terms such as “dialogue” and “speech bubbles.” After reviewing sample comic strips, children will have a chance to brainstorm and create their own comic strips (or even comic books for those feeling more ambitious), complete with their own imagined storyline, characters, dialogue, and illustrations.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to reflect on the elements of comic strip writing and create their own story using a comic strip format.


(10 minutes)
Blank Comic Strip Worksheet
  • Gather students on the rug and show them your collection of comic books and/or graphic novels. Introduce the genre and ask students what are the important features of a comic book. What do they look like? How are they different from other picture books? During the discussion, find the right moment to introduce the words "dialogue" and "speech bubbles."
  • Tell students that today they will be comic strip writers and explain that comic books are made up of comic strips. They will just be writing a short scene where at least two characters are talking to each other.