Lesson Plan

Battle of the Texts: Print vs. Electronics

Are you a page turner or a mouse clicker? In this lesson, students compare and contrast text features in two types of nonfictions texts: print and electronic.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare and contrast the text features in nonfiction printed texts and nonfiction electronic texts.


(5 minutes)
Venn Diagram: Compare and Contrast Text Features of Nonfiction Printed Text and Nonfiction Electronic Text
  • Tell students that today we will be talking about different types of text features, which are parts of a book or an article that are not the main body of the text. These features give us more information to help us understand what we are reading.
  • Inform students that today we will be focusing on the text features of nonfiction texts in two different forms: print and electronic.
  • Explain that printed texts are physical texts where the text, images, etc are printed on paper such as newspapers and textbook,.whereas electronic texts are read in digital form such as online blogs and articles found on websites.
  • Ask students to share examples of printed and electronic texts.