Lesson Plan

Learning How to be a Good Friend

In this lesson, students will learn how to be a good friend. The class will generate guidelines on friendship and create a friendship collage.
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Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a good friend? Everyone wants a good friend—but friendship is a two-way street. In this social emotional lesson plan, kindergarteners and first graders are encouraged to think about the qualities of a good friend. As they are learning how to be a good friend, they’ll talk about valuable traits like being honest, caring, and dependable. To wrap up the lesson, students will work together to create a class agreement about friendship that can be posted for everyone to see.

Learning Objectives

Students will understand the qualities of a good friend and make agreements as a class for how they treat one another.


(5 minutes)
  • Gather students into a circle, either seated, in chairs, or on the floor. Remind students about the raised hand attention signal and the talking piece you may have introduced in other activities.
  • Circle time always begins with everyone being welcomed into the circle. Model welcoming a student and then have each student welcome the student sitting next to them. Be sure to rotate who sits where so students introduce different classmates. Example: “Hello Anish, welcome to our circle!”
  • Optional: create a new greeting every week. For example, using a small ball or bean bag, have students toss the object to each other once they greet another student, then the student with the object greets the next student, etc.
  • Once every student has been welcomed, retrieve the talking piece.
  • SEL Focus - Relationship Skills: Tell students that today during their circle time, they are going to talk about how they can be good friends.