Lesson Plan

Blending with S Blends

In this lesson, students use the visual of a blender to blend letters together to make smooth sounds they can identify independently.
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Look, it’s a stick! Or is it another S blend word? In the language arts lesson Blending with S Blends, your first graders will practice saying, reading, and spelling words like “stick” and “small.” These words are examples of single-syllable words containing S blends. Young readers will discuss how to make blended sounds using the S sound as a starting point. This educational activity builds phonological awareness and teaches children about using and hearing blends.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to orally produce, read, and spell single syllable words containing “S” blends.


(5 minutes)
S Blends
  • Ask students if they have ever used a blender before. Ask students to describe what a blender does. Show a visual of a blender.
  • Explain that when we mix ingredients in a blender, we combine them and make them smooth.
  • Tell students that today they will make blended sounds.