Lesson Plan:

Break it Down, Put it Together

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September 10, 2015
by Sanayya Sohail
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September 10, 2015
by Sanayya Sohail

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to create composite shapes from 2-D shapes. Students will be able to create new shapes from composite shapes.


Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Let your students know that they are going to learn about composite shapes today.
  • Explain that a composite shape is made out of two or more two-dimensional, or flat, shapes.
  • Invite students to come and draw 2-D shapes on the board.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (10 minutes)

  • Draw a composite shape on the board, such as a house with a triangle and a rectangle.
  • Invite students to come to the board to dissect the composite shape to show the 2-D shapes.
  • Ask students to identify the 2-D shapes that make up the composite shape.

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (15 minutes)

  • Pass out a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a sheet of paper to each pair.
  • Ask the pairs to draw 2 composite shapes that are the same.
  • Have your students dissect one of the shapes into 2-D shapes.
  • Instruct your students to label the dissected part with its name.
  • Put the spellings of various 2-D shapes on the board so students can spell without trouble.
  • Have the pairs present their pairs of shapes to the class.
  • Direct them to first show the composite figure and then the dissected parts.

Independent Working Time (15 minutes)

  • Give your students the Shapes Composition worksheet to complete.
  • Go over it as a class.



  • Enrichment: Have students complete the My Kind of Town worksheet. Encourage them to identify the 2-D shapes in other real life objects.
  • Support: Create composite shapes out of blocks. Have students break them down and identify the broken down 2-D shapes. Repeat this several times until students are able to draw this on paper.


Assessment (5 minutes)

  • Create a composite shape out of blocks, such as a castle.
  • Have students draw which 2-D shapes make that larger composite shape.

Review and Closing (10 minutes)

  • Divide your class into 5 groups.
  • Draw 5 different composite shapes on construction paper, such as a boat, a house, a tiger, a backpack, and a chair. Assign each group one of these shapes.
  • Have each group cut out the 2-D shapes that made the composite shape.
  • Have one student from each group present what the 2-D shapes are that made the composite shape.

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